Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Christmas Day 2008 @ the Sleights


That tower of gifts was almost taller than Allie!!

WOW Ben, how'd u get so lucky???
Look @ all those gifts

I'm a good Mommy, I can feed my baby & take her for a walk.

Santa sure did come to the Sleight kids!!

Kids Christmas

Allie & Hailey having a blast with Allie & Sammy's Cuttlebug.

I can make an emboosed circle!!
Then u turn the handle...

LOOK!!! It worked!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Roy was busy this spring putting our fence up. He & the kids also bought me 3 fruit trees for Mothers day. A peach, apple & pear. We can't wait until they can produce fruit.

Roy was offered another job with a different department at the University, he decided he would stay where he was, he really enjoys what he does, & is really making a good name for himself at the uni.

His dad got put in as Stake President in Nebraska & his mom as R.S Pres. of their small branch. They seem to be doing well out there, we miss them alot, but 9 years isn't forever!


I've been busy with many different projects, I got a Cricut die-cutter in the early spring & have had a blast learning how to use it, making cards & scrapbooking. I've also taken up quilting, which is coming easier to me each time I make one.

I'm also on 2 PTA's & busy running kids where they need to be, whoever said being a stay home mom was easy was so wrong!!

This year we've enjoyed having a whole bunch of guests. 1st Nana Mavis came to stay with us in March, then June broght Roys parents along with my brother Joshua @ the same time! Good job we have a big enough house, for everyone, we had 10 people here!


Ben at his 1st concert, Ben is learning to play the violin through the school Orchestra, he seems to be enjoying it. He is also loving scouts, he's in the Bear den now & covered in badges.

Ben is doing great in 4th grade, he has lots of friends & is always in great demand with the boys around the neighborhood.

Alexandria (Allie)

Allie is in 1st grade this year, for her 7th birthday we bought her a flute, she's wanted to learn ever since she saw/heard my friend Inger play in Sacrement meeting, so Inger went with me & we got her a flute. Now she is taking lessons from Inger, she's doing really well & loving every minute of it.

She's growing up so fast & really looking forward to getting baptized in September.


Sammy is a fun 4 year old, she's always making me laugh, she makes my job as a stay home mom so much fun! I'm going to be sad when I have to send her to kindergarten next year. Right now she goes to speech & a preschool through the speech program. She's a real sweetheart.


Hailey is almost 2, this is the 1st real time she's played in the snow, it didn't last very long, but she enjoyed the 5 minutes she was out there! She's a very active toddler, her eye doesn't slow her down at all, we had great news when we went to Primary Childrens hospital. She has a good friend called Micheal, he is about 6 months older her, she has so much fun playing with him.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

9 Years later

This is us now! From left to right: Samantha (4) Ben (9) Me & Hailey (18 months) Roy & Alexandria (6)

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Families can be together for ever...

On wedding day: October 1999~ Logan Ut LDS Temple

From left to right: New hubby Roy, brother in laws Mike & Scott, father in law Weldon, brother in laws Pat & Josh