Monday, May 25, 2009

Pauls BIG day!!

On Saturday 23rd May, Paul took out his endowments at the Temple, we had a nice family BBQ before hand. I feel bad that not everyone made it, but it was a nice day none the less. The weater was WONDERFUL, there was a chance of rain & I prayed so hard that it would rain after we were done, it waited until 7pm to rain!!!
We're really get our moneys worth from that BBQ that I bought Roy!!

Hailey took a shine to the watermelon!!

Even Grandma & Grandpa Lewis made it from Paris Idaho.

Home made Root Beer.

Dallin & Hailey took it upon themselves to make sure it stayed mixed.

Kristy Marshall from next door came & "gate crashed" She was out doing her yard work & we had so much food left (still do lol) that we invited her over.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

New Scrapping area.

See how good Roy is to me!! This is the BEST thing we've done to this house LOL.

My New Bathroom.

Roy mudding my new ceiling. At last I can almost use my bathroom again!!
This is the boarder we picked, the wall color is called "Yesterday" it's a purple/pinky color, it looks so beautiful, Roy sure done a GREAT job, fixing this.

I since have bought new towels that match the room better, than these blue, yellow & teal!!