Friday, July 10, 2009

Dinosaur park (June 2009)

We didn't have too many days while Nana Mavis was here, that it wasn't raining, this was a lucky day, we had a beautiful day in Ogden at the dinosaur park.

Nana Mavis, & the kids

"Lets GO"

I wish this could be my pet!!


Give 'em 5 Hailey

Hogle Zoo (June 2009, I know it's out of order)

Ben with a Siamese Crocodile

Not too much difference LOL

The hat suits her!!

This was Hailey's fav. thing to see, she kept saying "Monkey, Monkey, Monkey"

good Job she had the umbrella in the car, it rained most the time we were there.

This was at Willow park.

Samantha turns 5!!

Here she is, the newset 5 y/o!! She was so excited to be 5, because that means she can start Kindergarten, & ride the bus to school!!

Clothes??? I know how could we! lol~

Heres the cake, it was a "Hello Kitty" cake

"Party time"

Can u say CANDY???

Happy Birthday to u, Happy Birthday to u, Happy Birthday Dear Sammy, Happy Birthday to u!

Ben earns a new bike

Ben worked really really hard & finally got enough money to pay for half of this bike. So one evening Roy & I went out on a date & brought this home with us, he was so excited. Roy was out until about 10pm, fixing the brakes & making sure the gears were where they were ment to be.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Our little stinker AKA Hailey!!

We were down stairs enjoying a nice quiet Sunday evening, Sammy & Hailey were up stairs playing together in their room. (Hailey now shares a room with Sammy. Allie has Hailey's old room)Anyway: Hailey decided about an hour after dinner that she needed a little snack, so she got out a little plastic bag & got herself some chips, here she is sitting on her new bed eating.
What a cutie!!!
Oh did I forget to mention that she opened the chips herself??? Sammy came running down stairs "Hailey dumped ALL the chips out on the floor", so I said "we don't have any open chips", & Sammy said "we do now" LOL

There we go all picked up. She then wanted to trade her little "snack" size bag for this one!!!