Sunday, July 5, 2009

Our little stinker AKA Hailey!!

We were down stairs enjoying a nice quiet Sunday evening, Sammy & Hailey were up stairs playing together in their room. (Hailey now shares a room with Sammy. Allie has Hailey's old room)Anyway: Hailey decided about an hour after dinner that she needed a little snack, so she got out a little plastic bag & got herself some chips, here she is sitting on her new bed eating.
What a cutie!!!
Oh did I forget to mention that she opened the chips herself??? Sammy came running down stairs "Hailey dumped ALL the chips out on the floor", so I said "we don't have any open chips", & Sammy said "we do now" LOL

There we go all picked up. She then wanted to trade her little "snack" size bag for this one!!!

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youngestbrat said...

this is too cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!