Monday, May 25, 2009

Pauls BIG day!!

On Saturday 23rd May, Paul took out his endowments at the Temple, we had a nice family BBQ before hand. I feel bad that not everyone made it, but it was a nice day none the less. The weater was WONDERFUL, there was a chance of rain & I prayed so hard that it would rain after we were done, it waited until 7pm to rain!!!
We're really get our moneys worth from that BBQ that I bought Roy!!

Hailey took a shine to the watermelon!!

Even Grandma & Grandpa Lewis made it from Paris Idaho.

Home made Root Beer.

Dallin & Hailey took it upon themselves to make sure it stayed mixed.

Kristy Marshall from next door came & "gate crashed" She was out doing her yard work & we had so much food left (still do lol) that we invited her over.

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