Tuesday, December 16, 2008


I've been busy with many different projects, I got a Cricut die-cutter in the early spring & have had a blast learning how to use it, making cards & scrapbooking. I've also taken up quilting, which is coming easier to me each time I make one.

I'm also on 2 PTA's & busy running kids where they need to be, whoever said being a stay home mom was easy was so wrong!!

This year we've enjoyed having a whole bunch of guests. 1st Nana Mavis came to stay with us in March, then June broght Roys parents along with my brother Joshua @ the same time! Good job we have a big enough house, for everyone, we had 10 people here!

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youngestbrat said...

its nice to see who i am talking to everyday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!